New York Mag chooses “The Chairs” for top five beach reads list. Trampoline Hall tour is soon!

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New York magazine published a list of five books for beach reading this summer, and included The Chairs Are Where the People Go

Quill and Quire reviewed the book, describing it as:

full of advice you never knew you needed and answers to questions you never thought to ask… Glouberman is funny even when it seems he’s being serious… It’s a fun read that will make readers think about the random things we skim over in everyday life.

The Trampoline Hall tour to promote the book starts soon! We will be in NYC next Thursday, then in Seattle, SF, LA, Montreal, and having a party in Toronto. More info here.

There’s great buzz happening about the shows: They are highlighted in the New Yorker and Time Out in NYC, and are top picks at the Stranger in Seattle, and LA Weekly.


More press, blogs. And upcoming tour: NYC, Seattle, SF, L.A., Montreal, Toronto

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The Bookavoreblog writes about the book:

I don’t just highly recommend it. I URGE it. I beseech you to read it. I think it will make you happy, and it will be good for your brain, but not in a bran-fiber cereal sort of way. More like how in the summer you can make these salads that are so colorful and delicious that you can’t even believe they’re healthy. That’s what this book is like.

Read the full review here.

Also, Bookforum just posted a conversation between Sheila and Misha. You can read the interview here.

And: Information on our book tour is now up. We’ll in in New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Montreal doing a version of the Trampoline Hall Lectures, and will have a launch party in Toronto. See tour information here.

The Paris Review’s Thessaly La Force Chooses the Chairs for Her Top 5 Hammock Reads

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“Every summer, magazines inundate us with lists of “Beach Reads.” Most of these mind-numbing titles boast pink covers with stick figure women swinging purses and walking little dogs; reading them is like eating Twinkies—it’s fun at the time, but leaves you queasy and sugar-sated after the fact.

So, we’ve decided to counter with a different sort of summer book list: the “Hammock Read,” for the intellectual woman who doesn’t necessarily want to turn her brain off once the thermostat hits 85 degrees.

To cull the list of smart-food titles out there this season, we called our friend Thessaly La Force, web editor at The Paris Review, alumnus of The New Yorker and all-around literary It girl. Ms. La Force is living proof that style and substance needn’t be strangers—and so is her chic list of Hammock Reads below.”

First on the list:

The Chairs are Where the People Go
Sheila Heti and Misha Glouberman

“A charming collection of essays by the creators of Trampoline Hall, a Toronto-based lecture series. Sheila, a novelist, finds her friend Misha—a community organizer, charades instructor, and more—so interesting that they made a list of topics (games, cities, Casablanca, friends). Sheila typed down everything Misha said, and then they turned it all into a whimsical book!”


Read the full article at:

More press: Chatelaine, Believer, Paris Review, Bookforum

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More press and reviews are coming in for the book!

Chatelaine selected it for their list of summer’s “Best Reads”, writing:
“Like chatting with author Misha Glouberman, host of Toronto’s theatrical Trampoline Hall lecture series, while fellow creator and author Sheila Heti holds the mike… An enjoyably eccentric read.”

The June issue of the Believer features an excerpt from the book, along with a pull-out postcard which reprints the book’s advice for making friends in a new city. (You can read an excerpt of that excerpt here).

The Paris Review Daily will include an excerpt from the book, the week of July 11, 2011.

Also, there will be a short interview with Sheila and Misha about the book on the Bookforum website, in a few weeks.

You can see a full list of reviews and press on our main web site.

Review in Prism Magazine

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Prism Magazine published a review of the book:

Glouberman’s life lessons sound like a cross between your wisest, kindest and funniest friend and your eccentric uncle. …. It’s about interacting with people in an authentic and respectful and playful way. And his voice is engaging and the prose clean…. It’s certainly a pleasure to spend a few hours with Misha Glouberman now that Sheila Heti has introduced him to us.

Full review here

Back from BEA – BookExpo America

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Last week, we were at BookExpo America, the massive book fair, to promote our book. Misha did two talks: A 7-minute slideshow on how to talk to people about things (part of 7x20x21) and an hour-long workshop on setting up chairs.

There was a really great writeup on the book site of the LA Times. They called the first talk “One of the most interesting presentations at Book Expo America”. The said the book was “intelligent, quirky, charming, hard to classify … a sign of health in the publishing industry. It shows that there is a willingness to take risks – and maybe even have some fun.”

The second workshop was written about in Bookforum, who said “As Glouberman put it, ‘There’s no line item in the budget for making conferences not suck,’ but a page or two from his book—which is about much more than just meetings—would help accomplish that lofty goal.”